3 Keys to Relieving Exhaustion – THINK



As a busy executive, I constantly ask myself: Hasn’t there got to be a way to get everything done without working until I’m mentally and physically exhausted? It is a great relief to have discovered a framework for effectively planning and productivity improvement. I’ve become a Certified Productivity Pro® Consultant and now have in-depth knowledge of a framework for getting things done on target, on time, and in budget.


As an executive, I was responsible for developing the organization’s strategic plan. I thought I could just shoehorn this longer-term activity into day-to-day operations. Not so! Any initiative of this magnitude requires spending quality time and effort actively engaged in the planning process. The plan can’t be developed in a vacuum (you and a small leadership group) or it is destined to sit on a shelf. Goals that are actionable must be set, and this takes stakeholder engagement. Part of your THINK role is not only to be actively engaged in developing the plan, but to create the culture of engagement so goals are realistic and align with operations. This requires community participation. You and other executives must facilitate broad participation. A communication strategy is a must. Think about how you will set aside time and effort to THINK! My action item: Reprioritize what time and attention I give to TEAM and TACTICS and spend more time on THINK.


For more information on Doing the Right Things Right: How the Effective Executive Spends Time by Laura Stack


© 2016 Laura Stack.  Used with Permission. www.TheProductivityPro.com


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