3 Keys to Relieving Exhaustion – TEAM



Laura Stack, one of the world’s leading productivity experts, has developed rich content that lays out a framework for being your productive best. I’m going to address one of the points she covers in her most recent book, “Doing the Right Things Right, How the Effective Executive Spends Time” and share examples from my own personal executive experience. Incorporating TEAM principles and practices in daily work can make the difference for you and your organization. It certainly does for me!


You may be leading a team(s), department(s), division(s), or a company or only acting occasionally as a team- lead, but how efficiently and effectively you lead those teams is another important category of your work. In running the facilities department of a major hospital, I learned a valuable lesson about team-work. My action item: delegate. With 8 divisions and over 200 staff that worked 24/7, I learned very quickly I couldn’t manage them all. This was made crystal clear by the engineering department. These experts managed the heating and air conditioning controls for the hospital. I had to rely on the division head to manage this critical function as I didn’t have the technical knowledge and skills to prevent a disaster if the controls went haywire and temperatures rose into the 90’s, threatening patient safety. The division head and team members knew how to solve the problem. My job was to make the compelling case to get the necessary resources for the team to accomplish what was their own tasks and goals. By clearly delegating this management function and letting the team of engineers know that the manager was in charge, and that my roles was champion and fighter for resources, things got done right. I saved many hours by not having to attend routine staff meetings. As a side benefit, I gained a great deal of loyalty and respect of the team (i.e., she is not micro managing and she trusts us). P.S., I also secured the necessary funding! Take the time to clearly define your role and other team members’ roles so you are comfortable delegating for the most effective and efficient TEAM!


For more information on Doing the Right Things Right: How the Effective Executive Spends Time by Laura Stack


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