3 Keys to Relieving Exhaustion – TACTICS



Technology is your friend if you use it correctly. Many of us have scheduling tools, project planning tools, and dash boards that accumulate meaningful statistics. However, we may not be aware of how to use them to be our productive best. At the University we were looking for new ways to increase revenue and/or make serious budget cuts to balance the budget. I had to design a decision making process that the community felt was fair, or the likelihood of being successful either raising revenue or cutting expenses was slim without buy-in from stakeholders. We used technology effectively in two ways: 1) securing time for me to design a decision making process and 2) developing an on-line easy-to-share decision making tool. In the first case, my staff used Outlook to block time for me to design the process. I set aside time during my highest productivity time of the day. The staff were masters at this time blocking and they also tactfully halted interrupters—referred to in the literature as TIME BANDITS! In the second case, IT met with us and using off-the-shelf technology developed a shared document method and on-line voting system that everyone agreed prioritized the tough choices that had to be made in a fair manner. I would normally have had to spend time “convincing” everyone about the actions to take, so this was such a time saver. These technology TACTICS worked!


Think a minute about your current framework for work and how you are managing your TACTICS role. For me, being able to organize my executive work using technology yielded great results. I was doing the right things, at the right time, in the right way!


For more information on Doing the Right Things Right: How

the Effective Executive Spends Time by Laura Stack


© 2016 Laura Stack.  Used with Permission. www.TheProductivityPro.com


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